1109 W. Main Street Peoria, IL 61606

Phone  309  673  4585

As a Sophomore can I live at Main Street Commons?

YES!  Starting your sophomore year you are eligible to live at Main Street Commons.  Students and interns of multiple schools and universities are eligible for residency.  Non-Bradley students should contact our office to see if your school, internship, or university

are on our approved list. 

Common Questions

How do I reserve my space at Main Street?

Main Street Commons leases up rather quickly as our demand is high.  The start up time for renewals and open leasing varies
yearly.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up on when leasing begins.
Once leasing begins you will simply fill out the forms and submit with your administrative fee. 


Do you have washers and dryers on site?

Yes! Every Main Street Commons' suite comes with its own washer and dryer set.  No more lugging all your laundry down to the laundry room or home to mom.  Sit back, relax and complete your laundry right in your apartment.  


How much does it cost to live at Main Street?

Main Street Commons rental rates vary by year and term.  For your convenience, we offer on-line bill pay, package pricing
and every suite is priced per person / per bed.  Here at Main Street Commons you are only responsible for your share of
the rent.  That means if your roommate doesn't pay you won't be asked to come up with their share of the rent as it is in
many other housing and apartment rental agreements. 


Peoria's Premier Student Housing Community

Do the suites come furnished?

Yes!  Main Street Commons suites are all fully furnished, so you can save the time and expense it takes to acquire and move your own furniture.  You'll love our full sized beds, 32" flat screen TV's, desk, closet organizers, couches, and more.

Do you have a place for me if I don't have a roommate?

Yes!  Main Street Commons would be more than happy to roommate match you with another student or intern.  Through our

carefully designed roommate matching forms and our fun roommate matching events you are sure to find someone with similar interests to live with.  Just stop in and sign up.  We will help you with the rest.

What if something breaks or I have after hours needs?

Main Street Commons has 24 hours maintenance staff to assure your comfortable living.  Additionally, we staff an after hours
phone that will allow us to be reached for emergencies.  Many of our staff live on site, so response times are fast and friendly. 


How long are your contracts?

Our contracts typically run 12 months in length starting in August and ending in July.  On occasion lease specials or unique circumstances may make 3 to 9 month lease options available.  Call us or email us for more details.


I've been accepted into the Caterpillar Intern program.  Can I live at Main Street?

Yes! Main Street Commons has a great working relationship with Caterpillar and their intern programs.  Located less than a mile
and a half from Caterpillar's Corporate headquarters and just 15-20 minutes from most Caterpillar sites Main Street Commons is 
the perfect location.  Let our experienced staff help you set up a successful internship.  Call or email us about special pricing,
terms, and availability.


I've been accepted into the Intern program with the Jump Trading Simulation and

Education Center.  Can I live at Main Street?

Yes! Main Street Commons has a newly formed relationship with Jump Trading and their intern program.  Located less than
2 miles from TheJump TradingSimulation and Education Center Main Street Commons is the perfect location.  
Let our experienced staff help you set up a successful internship.  Call or  email us about special pricing, terms, and availability.